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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ONLINE SECURITY: Roma Bank will never ask you to confirm personal information such as your account number, PIN, ID or password via e-mail or other electronic form. For your protection, do not respond to an e-mail, message or website asking for your personal information. If you are concerned that you have received a fraudulent e-mail or message or may have disclosed confidential information please contact Roma Bank at 888.440.ROMA (888.440.7662) or send an e-mail to

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Designating your Computer
The first time you sign-in, you will be asked to designate the computer as either Public or Private (all default to Public). A Public computer is used by several individuals or is in an unsecured location (e.g., an office workstation). A Private computer is a personal, password protected device kept in a secured location (e.g., your home PC). By designating a device as public, in addition to your ID and password, you will be required to use one of the above defined security methods to access your accounts. A device designated as Private will install an identification code on the computer, which will be used as validation each time you log in with your ID and password. (Note: some security settings/programs may prevent installation of the security device and will be treated as public for log in purposes.)